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Assos T.laalaiShorts_s7 Ladies bib short - (2018) Black

Fast, slick, and offering unparalleled performance and comfort, the women’s specific T.laaLalai_S7 Women set a new gold standard in female cycling short design.

What is it?

These are our first female-specific S7 bib shorts. After changing the game for the men, we have now developed a women’s version of these ground-breaking shorts, allowing everyone to experience Royal Comfort while on the bike.

How to use it:

Use this T.laalai Shorts during Summertime, when it is hot and you need a breathable bib to keep you comfortable.

Alone, directly on your skin with a skin Foil on your upper body. If the weather is a little cooler, they match perfectly with either Assos leg warmer or knee warmers.

Technological Engineering

Taking everything we have learned from our S7 generation of shorts, we have created something revolutionary for the female rider who demands superior performance. With our all-new insert, a cut that improves comfort, new clasp, and enhanced bibs and back, these bib shorts are a game changer for female cyclists.

The construction:

  • Brand new insert, which takes the innovations of the T.équipe_S7 insert for men, has been revised specifically for female anatomy _ Takes many of the key design features found in the no-bib version of these shorts that were launched last summer
  • Refining our mono-bib construction, these shorts offer greater comfort
  • Includes the all-new magnetic closer system, which gives enhanced performance and comfort
  • Made from our type.439 material, these shorts offer slightly more compression than our previous models
  • On the legs, we placed the elastic on the outside to increase comfort
  • As with all our S7 generation shorts, the material has an added iceColor treatment
  • The new bibs have been designed with a slightly wider shoulder for added comfort
Key Features
  • New female-specific S7 generation insert
  • Wider bibs for added comfort
  • Refined mono-bib
  • External elastic on the legs for added comfort
  • Made with type.439 material for increased performance
  • Type.221 mesh material on the back for added breathability
  • All new magnetic clasp on the mono-bib for easier closing and added comfort


These are the ASSOS women’s bib shorts that set the new standard. Taking all the technologies from our S7 generation of shorts, these are the perfect shorts for the female rider who demands the most from her apparel.

Tech Specs:

  • Material: 73% polyamide, 18% elastane, 9% polyester
  • Fit: form
  • Chamois: S7 Lady
  • Bib: yes, magnetic Y bib
  • Leg Gripper: silicone, elastic