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    R 14,795.00

    R 15,995.00

    RRP: R 18,995.00 Save 22%

  2. ELITE Drivo Trainer

    R 20,995.00

    RRP: R 25,995.00 Save 19%

  3. Elite Novo Force Home Trainer

    R 3,995.00

    RRP: R 5,495.00 Save 27%

  4. Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Wireless Cycle Trainer

    R 5,995.00

    R 7,495.00

    RRP: R 9,995.00 Save 40%

  5. Minoura MOZ Rollers with Step

    R 3,395.00

    RRP: R 4,195.00 Save 19%

  6. Tacx 29er MTB Training Tyre

    R 595.00

    RRP: R 895.00 Save 34%

  7. Tacx Antares Rollers

    R 3,595.00

    R 3,995.00

    RRP: R 4,995.00 Save 28%

  8. Tacx Blue Matic T2650

    R 2,695.00

    R 2,995.00

    RRP: R 4,495.00 Save 40%

    Tacx proudly presents the Blue, the new generation of cycletrainers for the general public. The Blue Motion, Matic and Twist are the long-expected successors of the Cycletrack, Tacx’s first model ever that has been very popular for decades thanks to its excellent value for money. The same can be expected of the Blue, because you get more for less: a powerful brake that manages the resistance and a robust frame with solid back legs. Tacx’s many years of experience have resulted in the design of this stable construction that can withstand all forces. The Blue is suitable for everyone, whether you cycle a lot or just every now and then. A quick half an hour’s ride before dinner? With the Blue you can start immediately. The trainer has a simplified mounting system, which makes it easy and quick to assemble. A tool set for small and big wheels is no longer needed; even 29 MTB wheels do fit. Magnetic brake with resistance The Blue Matic’s magnetic brake consists of two discs with six permanent magnets each. With the 10 position handlebar resistance lever you can change the position of the magnets in the brake unit in relation to each other. While training the resistance increases when you cycle faster and/or in a heavier mode. The maximum resistance is 700 Watt.
  9. Tacx Blue Motion Home Trainer

    R 3,995.00

    R 4,595.00

    RRP: R 5,995.00 Save 33%

  10. TACX Blue Twist T2675

    R 2,695.00

    RRP: R 3,795.00 Save 29%

  11. Tacx Bushido Smart T2780

    R 10,995.00

    R 11,995.00

    RRP: R 15,995.00 Save 31%

  12. Tacx Connection Cable T1605

    R 175.00

    RRP: R 250.00 Save 30%

  13. TACX FLOW SMART - TT2240

    R 5,895.00

    R 6,495.00

    RRP: R 7,995.00 Save 26%

  14. Tacx Race Trainer Tyre (700 x 23 C)

    R 595.00

    RRP: R 895.00 Save 34%

  15. Tacx Satori T2400 Virtual Smart Trainer

    R 5,695.00

    RRP: R 7,495.00 Save 24%

  16. Tacx Sweat Cover T2930

    R 350.00

    RRP: R 395.00 Save 11%

  17. Tacx T1994 ANT Chest Band for Trainer

    R 1,195.00

    RRP: R 1,495.00 Save 20%

  18. Tacx T2010 Trainer i-Genius Multiplayer Smart

    R 21,995.00

    RRP: R 26,995.00 Save 19%

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Items 1 to 20 of 33 total

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