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Fizik Arione CX Saddle with Carbon Rails - White

Fizik Arione CX Saddle with Carbon Rails - White

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The ever popular Arione World Champion design - an Iconic piece of kit!

The Fizik Arione saddle has been one of the most popular race saddles since its release and makes up the bulk of the Snake range of Fizik's Spine Concept saddles. The Spine Concept was developed to take into account the physique and flexibility of the rider in order to better guide them to the most suitable shape of saddle. Snakes are for the flexible rider.

Wing Flex allows the sides of the saddle to flex with vertical thigh movements during the pedal stroke and combined with the unique elongated shape of the Arione allows the rider to find the perfect position in the saddle; eliminating the problems of a saddle that is either too long, too short, too narrow or too wide. Another benefit of the Wing Flex is that because thigh movement is less restricted the rider is better able to transfer power to the pedal. Fundamentally, Wing Flex and an elongated shape mean that the saddle is adapting to the rider rather than the other way around.

The shell of the Arione CX Braided is constructed from a nylon/carbon mix which contributes to a slightly firmer and more responsive feel than the standard model. Similarly to the models both above and below, it utilizes Fizik’s excellent microtex cover, however a lightweight foam as found in the Arione CX Carbon Braided yields a 70g weight saving over the standard model.


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