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FRM N-C Power Ring 34T XO1/XX1 (94mmBCD)

FRM N-C Power Ring 34T XO1/XX1 (94mmBCD)

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  • Made in Italy
  • N-C Power chainrings are shaped to help deliver optimum power from your legs to the pedals
  • The non-circular profile conforms to the Osymetric patent
  • The 34T non-circular ring creates a continuous shift in drive from 30T on slopes to 38T on flats
  • Higher accelerations, more speed on flats and higher tire control on extreme slopes is possible !
  • Narrow/wide tooth profile to reduce the likelihood of dropping a chain,
  • Compatible with Sram XX1 (BCD 76mm) , X01, X1 (BCD 94mm) or 104mm BCD cranksets and 10 or 11s drivetrains
  • No need for a chainguide
  • Outer dimensions:     34t 158x129mm
  • Weight: 34d 59gr   
  • Engineered by Emanuele Bazzechi
  • Field Tests: Aerobic Power Higher Than 10% Aerobic Threshold above 12% Less Acidity About 10%