Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow - Black

Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow - Black

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Marks the end of men's saddles adapted to female requirements. Designed to fully comply with a women's anatomical shape, the Lady features a shaped shell and differentiated-thickness gel inserts. The lady; specifically designed for women. A rear suspension bridge offers a flexible and comfortable shell in addition to the saddle's perfect anatomic profile. The foam is soft but firm to provide support for the sit bones, while the shape is anatomically designed to maximise comfort in the sitting and front tissue area. Gel Flow: Selle Italia have taken out much more than they have put in for your well-being. The central anatomic cutout relieves pressure in the perineal area, and gel is added around the cutout to increase vibration damping. Key Features: Cover: Full-grain breathable leather covering. Gel-Flow: Inserts in silicone gel with differentiated thickness around cutout. FC: Differentiated-thickness padding. Shell: Nylon. Rails: Manganese round rails. Size: 160mm x 262mm. Weight: 280g (Manufacturer Claimed).


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