Shimano EW-WU101 - Di2 D-Fly ANT+ Bluetooth Wireless Unit

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The Shimano Di2 D-Fly Wireless Unit EWWU101 allows your Garmin or other Di2 compatible computer to display the gear being used along with Di2 battery level eliminating the need to look down on the chainrings or cassette. It is compatible with E-tube Di2 groups Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 and Ultegra 6770. The EWWU101 requires the newer Bluetooth enabled internal battery that because standard during the Summer of 2016. It is not compatible with the older internal battery or an external battery.

Fans of the gear display on the old Flight Deck will be happy to see this feature available again albeit in a much higher-tech format. The battery level display will also add a big dose of peace of mind. The unit comes with elastic straps and is generally located on the inside of the lower right seat stay near the rear derailleur. You will likely need another 150mm E-tube wire for the install.


5 grams

38mm x 25mm x 12.5mm

Shimano SKU ISMEWW011

Compatible with Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 Di2 and Ultegra 6770