Tacx Shiva Pro Team Bottle 500cc Astana

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Tacx Shiva Bottle - Pro Cycling Teams - 500ml - 2017 - Astana

Tacx Shiva Pro Cycling Teams - The bottle of the professionals

Professional cyclists do anything to succeed. They train hard and frequently and battle in the toughest races under the toughest conditions. They suffer a lot. But when successful, it makes them intensely happy.
Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a fanatic amateur or a recreational cyclist, Tacx wants to help you to get the best out of yourself. That’s why the material of the pros is available to everyone. You too can benefit from this.
The official Tacx Shiva Pro Team cycling bottles are used during the season 2017 by international top riders. 
The Tacx Shiva cycling bottle is a sturdy water bottle with a lockable screw-on cap. Made of biodegradable plastic, so better for the environment.

Key features of the Tacx Shiva team bottles

  • striking screw-on cap with pull spout
  • sturdy, powerful looking spout
  • 100% biodegradable

Nature-friendly bottles

  Biodegradable plastics are a modern necessity now that our environment is under growing pressure. Tacx has taken up the challenge to develop a biologically degradable, nature-friendly water bottle.
The Bio-Bottle has the same characteristics as the other Tacx bottles, but it distinguishes itself due to the plastic of the bottle being biodegradable. Adding a small amount of the Bio-batch material alters the molecular structure, which makes the material decompose into Biogas and Biomass. These nourish the soil and are entirely absorbed by nature.
Capacity: 500 ml