Continental 700 x 32-47C Inner Tube 42mm (Gravel Bike Tube- Unboxed)

Continental 700 x 32-47C Inner Tube 42mm (Gravel Bike Tube- Unboxed)

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Continental Tube Tour All 28" S42

Light, puncture proof cross tube made from butyl I deal for Gravel Bikes or 29" Emergencty Tubes


  • Use: Crossbike
  • dimensions: 28 x 1,5 to 28 x 1,75
  • ETRTO: 32-622 to 47-622
  • Valve: SV
  • Valve Length: 42mm
  • Weight: about 155 gram

The new ContiTube hose program makes it even easier to find the optimum hose for your needs. The very clear and user-friendly hose system was perfectly adapted in size, design, valve type and length to the respective tire sizes and applications.

Through different types of hoses can affect the way with little effort the handling characteristics of your bike: The available in all dimensions of standard hose provides the best compromise to meet the needs of everyday life. Weight and rolling resistance, however, can be noticeably optimized with Light and Super Sonic hoses. However, the reduced wall thickness up to 0,45mm increase the risk of punctures. In addition, lightweight hoses must be pumped in common.

An all-inclusive package, however, is the Hermetic Pluse hose. Thanks to improved formulation now more compact and lighter, the butyl content increased and the greater wall thickness make it extra puncture resistant. Because he plus extra long air continues he is the favorite of many bike rentals. Particularly strong and bluky are also our freeride and downhill tubing. Effectively protect with extra thick wall thickness before breakdowns.