Vittoria Terreno 29" TLR Graphene 2.0 - 29 x 2.25

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Vittoria Terreno 29" TLR Graphene 2.0 Folding tyre

Aggressive file tread, or super low-profile knob design? The Terreno from Vittoria bridges the gap between file treads, and traditional all-conditions treads. The key to this is the unique angled “fish scale” design, that allows the center tread to roll extremely fast, yet offer traction when loaded in cornering and braking.

Add the transitional height mid and side tread, and the Terreno transitions as smoothly as it rolls.

Features - Terreno 29" TLR Graphene 2.0 Folding tyre

  • A capable semi-slick XC tire for the fastest courses
  • Center scales are ramped, providing a fast rolling leading edge
  • Features the XC Race casing: the lightest XC tubeless-ready casing of Vittoria
  • Functionalized GRAPHENE 2.0 compound delivers ultimate performance

Product features

  • Use: XC
  • Type: folding tyre
  • Compound: 4C Graphene 2.0
  • Tubeless Ready: yes
  • TPI: 120


  • 2.25"


  • transparent/black

Weight (manufacturer information)

  • 2.25": 650g


Graphene is a revolutionary material in the form of a wafer-thin, almost transparent carbon layer. In its most extreme form, it is only a single atomic layer thin (1 billionth of a meter).

The advantages of graphene:

  • Huge surface: 1 gram = approx. 2,630 m2, available for all possible chemical processes
  • High mechanical strength: approx. 200 times stronger than steel
  • High thermal conductivity: more than twice that of diamonds
  • Low density: equal to or half as dense as aluminium
  • High elasticity: six times that of steel
  • High electrical conductivity, transparency, lightness, adaptability and mechanical strength

To cut a long story short:
Vittoria uses only the highest quality form of graphene (pure form) to achieve the greatest possible improvements for all our products. The pure graphene used by Vittoria offers four to six times the increase in the materials to which it is applied (carbon for wheels, rubber for tyres) compared to other graphene forms. Vittoria has decided to join Directa Plus to ensure contact with its research and development expertise. This is necessary if you want to be at the forefront of material research.

TNT stands for Tube/No Tube and can be used with or without hose. What once started as a tubeless ready carcass has now become the obvious choice of many racers who demand absolute reliability on race day.