Wahoo Kickr 3 Indoor Trainer 2018 Model

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Enhanced Ride Responsiveness

Enjoy enhanced new algorithms that accurateley replicate sprints, intervals and hull climbs on virtual training platforms, namely, Zwift and Trainer Road. Every acceleration and deceleration will now feel more realistic than ever.

Reduced Operating Noise

The Wahoo KICKR is ridiculously quiet, in fact, at 61 dB, you can literally hear your own heart beating and your legs throbbing as you ride.

Enhanced Power Accuracy

The KICKR is enhanced to accurately provide power measurement and generate up to 2000w.

Increased Maximum Grade

The KICKR can simulate up to a 20 degree incline.

LED Indicator Lights

The KICKR has LED indicator lights that confirm power and Bluetooth connectivity.

Professional Grade Durability

The KICKR boasts robust steel construction that ensures not only years of heavy use durability, but also ensures the KICKR stays in place while you crank out the watts.

Controlled Resistance

Your KICKR will automatically set your resistance when you are connected to it via your favourite app or software.

Realistic Ride Feel

The KICKR flywheel is truly an innovation, that encapuctulates the power and inertia experienced during outdoor riding. It provides a uniqueley realistic ride feel, especially while using virtual riding/training platforms like Zwift and Trianer Road.

Measures Speed, Distance and Candence

Yes, your KICKR provides all your vital cycling metrics (Cadece only available when paired with a Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor which is included).


The Wahoo KICKR is the choice of Team Sky and performance athletes consistently sporting the yellow jersey.

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