Zipp 302 Carbon Clincher Wheelset (White Label)

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Zipp 302 Carbon Clincher Wheel Set

From the engineers at Zipp, comes the all-new 302 Carbon Clincher.

With a 45mm deep Indianapolis-made carbon rim, optimized for low aerodynamic drag and precise handling in all riding conditions, the 302 Carbon Clincher delivers the ride that Zipp wheels are renowned for at a price that makes Zipp carbon quality and performance more attainable than ever.

The 302’s smooth carbon rim is hand assembled to Zipp’s new 76/176 hubs using Belgian CX-Sprint spokes and brass spoke nipples to build a wheel that is both fast and reliable-tough enough to survive the Spring Classics or the road less traveled, yet light enough to tackle the steepest grades.
302 rims, like all of our Carbon Clinchers, are proudly made in Indianapolis. Since Zipp’s inception in 1988 we’ve chosen to handcraft our carbon rims here for one reason: Precision from complete control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, and like all of our carbon clinchers, the 302 delivers unrivaled reliability. Since the birth of the Zipp Carbon Clincher in 2010, Zipp has never had a brake heat related failure. The 45mm rim depth provides proven aero benefits with high stability, yet the 302 remains nimble to make this a wheel for all terrain and wind conditions.
The 302 also features the same rim bed design as our other carbon clinchers to make tire removal and installation as easy as possible.
The 76/176 hubset’s axle end caps and rear freehub can be removed without tools for quick and easy cleaning and lubrication. Additionally we’ve selected a J-bend spoke design for easy sourcing of replacement spokes. And like all of our carbon clinchers, the rim bed of the 302 is designed to make installing and removing tires fast and easy.

Product features

  • Use: Road 
  • Model: 302 Carbon Clincher Wheel Set
  • Rim size: 28"
  • Tyre type: Clincher
  • Spokes: Front 20 / Rear 24
  • Brake type: Rim Brake
  • Tubeless system: No
  • Max recommended system weight: 113kg (body weight + bike)
  • Max tire pressure: 8.62bar (125psi)
  • Recommended tire width: 23 - 32mm
  • Rim: Zipp 302
  • Dimension (ETRTO): 16-622C
  • Rim internal witdh: 16.25mm
  • Rim witdh: 25.6mm
  • Brake track witdh: 25.6mm
  • Rim depth: 45mm
  • Valve hole: SV (6.5mm)
  • Hub: Front Zipp 76 / Rear Zipp 176
  • Hub axle system:
    • Front 9 x 100mm QR
    • Rear 10 x 130mm QR
  • Spoke type: Sapim CX-Ray / J-Bend
  • Spoke pattern: Front Radial / Rear 2-cross
  • Spoke length: 
    • Front 256mm
    • Rear 262mm / 264mm (l/r)
  • Nipple type: Sapim secure-lock / external


  • Rim: Carbon
  • Hub: Aluminum
  • Spoke: Stainless steel
  • Nipple: Brass


  • 1645g / pair (Manufacturer information)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Zipp 302 Carbon Clincher Wheel Set
  • 2 x Zipp Quick Release Tangente
  • 2 x Zipp Valve Extender
  • 2 x Zipp Rim Tape